Who called me from 03456008891?

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  • By Anonymous 

    I can confirm this is a legitimate number. Received a call today whilst doing a transaction and they had blocked my card. They gave me all the verifiable information letting me know it's legit.

  • By Anonymous 

    They texted and rang 2 different phones ( one an old number now used by my husband) and left messages to ring back about fraud on my HSBC account from HSCB. We were on holiday in the Alps (May 2018) so could not access the emssages until we came back to the UK. My bank accounts seem to exaclty as normal. So very confused as to whether this is genuine or now

  • By Anonymous 

    Said they were the fraud squad - I phoned the number - When answered, it was the same female voice HSBC use.
    Held on for 5 minutes, whilst holding, typed the number into Google, saw all the negative comments, I ended the call.

  • By Anonymous 

    Said they were HSBC Fraud?? didn't know whether to believe or not, phoned HSBC and they weren't any help either

  • By Anonymous 

    They say it's hsbc, that doesn't mean it is them. They claimed they were investigation a card issue, but when pressed on it they couldn't give me any details.

  • By Anonymous 

    Number belongs to HSBC, the anti-fraud department. Called me today.

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