Who called me from 07705663118?

+447705663118 (Mobile phone, United Kingdom)


We have registered 1 report and 8 lookups for the phone number 07705 663118 and our community has rated it as a neutral caller. Phone numbers like 07705663118 are mobile numbers from the United Kingdom (area code 07705) that use the O2 network to operate.

The most used words in our users' reports are HMRC (1 time), Tax (1 time).

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️ According to the reports sent by our users on our website and app, the phone number 07705663118 seems to be related to an HMRC scam call. We haven't been able to verify if this is a genuine call from HMRC. Remember to never provide personal or banking information over the phone.

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  • By Anonymous 

    claimed to be from HMRC and that a case of tax fraud had been registered against me,to press 1 to speak to my case manager.I hung up without speaking so have no other information except to say that there was a delay before they spoke and i got the impression that it was a recorded message,gentleman speaker,possibly with some african or asian heritage.


This phone number has other formats: 07705 663118, +447705663118, 07705663118, +44 7705 663118.


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If you want to block the calls from 07705 663118 and protect your phone against other potential scams, you can download our app CallBlocker, which automatically identifies and blocks all spam calls that we detect on our website. CallBlocker is a free app, in the last year we have had more than 1 million downloads! You can find out more about our app in our FAQ.

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How much does it cost to call 07705 663118?

Mobile phone

This phone number is a UK mobile number. Calls to mobile phones like 07705663118 are often included in call packages. If you call from a landline, the price can go from 10p to 20p per minute (with a set-up fee of 23p). If you call from another mobile, outside of your free minutes, the price can go from 3p to up to 65p per minute.