Who called me from 08000148546?

Microsoft ScamUnited Kingdom
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We have identified that criminals are using this phone number for the Microsoft Scam. They will offer to fix an urgent virus or other technical problem for you. The scammer will call you from 08000148546 and pretend to be an agent from Microsoft Technical Support.

The scammers want to gain access to your computer. They will then block your computer and demand a ransom. The scammers want to build a personal connection with you. Sometimes they know your name and use this to try and gain your trust. Be aware that Microsoft staff never call customers to discuss technical problems unless the customer has contacted them first. You will be protected from the Microsoft scammers on 08000148546 by following these steps:-

  • Do not install any software on your computer.
  • Do not engage with the scammers. If asked, refuse to pay for any technical assistance on the call.
  • Never give your bank account, credit card details or passwords to anybody on the telephone.
  • By Anonymous 

    Similar to above, but my screen froze on Facebook after I clicked on a headline that said Sir Paul Mcartney was dead. At the same time a recorded message claimed that Microsoft had discovered spyware/malware in my computer giving me this 0800 014 8546 number to call. The screen remained frozen and the annoucement remained for several hours so I called the number and was given the address 3 Unit 3, Penfold Works, Imperial way, Watford, WD24 4YY and the name Christopher Norris. I was told that the problem was Trojan spyware but for a fee of £199.99 it could be fixed and my security system could be enhanced and protected. I smelled a rat called my bank who suggested that it was all part of a scam and advised I cease contact. I was originally fooled by the BT 0800 phone number and the genuine(?) UK address.- Be warned and be aware.

  • By Anonymous 

    These scum left a message on my PC saying there was a virus on my computer and all my details were being hacked.

    They stole £840 from my bank account in June this year and looks like they are trying to do it again.

    Beware and ignore these thieving animals.


  • By Anonymous 

    Call purporting to be from Facebook, reporting that my computer had been infected. Ring this number urgently.
    Decided not to.

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