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  • By Anonymous 

    Impersonating QuickBooks Online UK. Asking customers to input commands into their PC and for money to resolve the issue.

    Claiming issues w/ the IP address are preventing them from accessing areas of the site.

    Was aiming to charge to resolve an issue that was officially resolved by QuickBooks UK support by using a different browser.

    Note the REAL QuickBooks Online Support number is 0808 234 5337.

  • By Anonymous 

    Asked for £50 to fix quickbooks and wanted credit card details put on note pad via remote software

  • By Anonymous 

    Scammed an old aged pensioner out of £99 scaring her that she had been hacked from someone in Canada!! DISGUSTING

  • By Anonymous 

    Google search links for Yarhoo uk help.
    Stay well away tried to charge me £69 to reset password

  • By Anonymous 

    Conmen be aware

  • By Anonymous 

    Phoned thinking I was talking with Google technical helpline, only to be asked for money to fix problem.
    20 minutes later someone in India attempted to gain access to my Amazon account, they were blocked fortunately!

  • By Anonymous 

    I called this number for gmail tech support apparently supplied by gmail/google. Had me running around in circles for 1.5 hrs before I quit when finally asked for money for protection software. Main issue is that Google is uncontactable, so cannot verify the caller...

  • By Anonymous 

    wanted £150 to fix my email a/c

  • By Anonymous 

    Referred to this number by Vodafone regarding difficulties with Gmail account. Was looking £80 to fix.

  • By Anonymous 

    I was asked for £150 for software to sort out my gmail problem. I was told that I had a worm called koobface. Very worrying as I had been given the phone number by car phone warehouse to call with regards my gmail problem.

  • By Anonymous 

    I called this number, found on Gmail website, which put me through to Mayas Services (mayaservice.co.uk). They said that to sort my problem and put the necessary security on my email account I needed to pay them £70. They also used my details to get onto the internet, in India!, via Windows based Google Chrome, and also via Firefox. I have an AppleMacBook and use neither Chrome nor Firefox.
    People need to be aware of this scam. I thought I was talking to a Gmail technical help line, which is how I was scammed!!

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