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⚠️Please be aware that the number, 08000698472 has connections to an aggressive HMRC Scam in the UK. You will receive a pre-recorded message from 08000698472 claiming that you have committed tax fraud.

These scammers claim to be HMRC Tax Agents from the Fraud Dept. They terrorise you by stating the police will immediately arrest you, or that you will have to go to court. They cleverly coerce you to make an instant payment over the telephone to avoid prosecution.

You can use these steps to protect yourself from these dangerous scammers:-

  • Save yourself any stress by hanging up and blocking the phone number immediately.
  • Report this phone number to the HMRC phishing team.
  • If the scammers contacted you via text message, forward it to the HMRC's official phone number (60599).
  • You can also report this call by sending an email to HMRC's security team (security.custcon[at]hmrc.gov.uk) including this phone number, the time and date you got the call and a small desription of the call.
  • By Anonymous 

    obvious scam robo call

    "the very second you receive this message i need either you or attained attorney at record to return the call

    the issue at hand extremely time sensitive

    my name is officer james miller and the hotline to my division is 0800 0698472, i repeat it's 0800 0698472

    now don't try to disregard this message and to return the call dot i f you don't return the call or if i don't hear from you attorney either the only thing i can do is wish you good luck as the situation unfolds on you dot goodbye take care"

  • By Anonymous 

    A call from this number was on my answerphone. At first the 0800 number made it look official but the threatening tone from “Officer James Miller” didn’t ring true so I googled the number and was confirmed in my suspicion that it was a scam. Thanks to all for reporting this!

  • By Anonymous 

    robotic message threatening consequences from some-one claiming to be an Officer James Miller

  • By Anonymous 

    Saying it was HM customs asking to ring back. This is a scam!

  • By Anonymous 

    authoritative voice commanding me to call back. Claiming to be from Inland Revenue, demanding immediate reply as call is time sensitive. Unspecified threat if not complied with. Ignore it! Its obviously a robot so no point in swearing at it!

  • By Anonymous 

    Threatening serious consequences if you do not return theircall or they here from your attorney. finish message with take care!

  • By Anonymous 

    A recorded message by a man, claiming to be a James Miller with threatening voice, claiming to be from HMRC tax evasion office and threatening, that terrible things would unfold, if I do not return call.

  • By Anonymous 

    Do these people really think l'm going to take a call from HMRC claiming l owe them money. I wish I owed them "Millions" !!! If l did l would be set for life.

  • By Anonymous 

    James Bidder, digitised threatening tone claiming to be from HM Revenue wanting me to ring 0800 0698472 immediately before serious consequences happen. Ignore and report this SCAM.

  • By Anonymous 

    Very robotic voice. Unclear message. Demanding immediate callback.

  • By Anonymous 

    Threatening, quite robotic voice, and unclear message. Unsure of legitimacy, as Message unclear, but demanding immediate call back !

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