Who called me from 08000882220?

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  • By Anonymous 

    They're Monkey Dosh - changed their name. I just took a settlement - pretty reasonable staff tbf

  • By Anonymous 

    Yet another message appeared on my mobile to call 0800882220 urgently as i owe the Monkey Dosh loan the sum of 382.57. The message from MyFinClub... i did not take a loan out with these people who are they.

  • By Anonymous 

    Got email I got outstanding balance and need to ring them

  • By Anonymous 

    I get a message from MyFinClub saying I have an outstanding balance on a
    Monkey Dosh loan..and to contact this number... what is this Nuisance ?

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This phone number is a Freephone service number.

Its free to call 08000882220 from your landline and your mobile phone. The company receiving the call pays the cost of the call. Normally these phone numbers are used by charities, helplines, sales support or costumer service lines.

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