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  • By Anonymous 

    Spam, smishing call, pretending to be Santander. Don't call them back,

  • By Anonymous 

    Checked with Santander today and this number is verified.

  • By Anonymous 

    Yh got this text about a new credit card but looks suspect

  • By Anonymous 

    We’re processing your application for a new credit card. If you didn’t apply, call 0800 731 3313 immediately. Santander.

    Has to be a scam, I have never given the number they text out to Santander. There is no unique identifier in the text at all, post code etc. Worryingly, I made an enquiry to their team on the number they used, suggest an inside job of someone stealing data/capturing numbers?!

  • By Anonymous 

    This isn’t Santander. It is a dangerous scam intended for people to call and hand over sensitive bank account information. I have reported it to Santander and to the police.

  • By Anonymous 

    Spam text saying..
    We're processing your application for a new credit card. If you didn't apply, call 0800 731 3313 immediately. Santander. Just delete and ignore!!

  • By Anonymous 

    Received a text saying the following 'We've paid out your new personal loan. If you didn't apply, call 0800 731 3313 immediately. Santander.' Firstly of course I have not applied for a loan, secondly the message was sent to my works mobile which is not registered as personal, it is linked to my business landline number. THIS IS A SCAM DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CALL THE NUMBER BACK THEY WANT YOUR BANK DETAILS.....

  • By Anonymous 

    Called the number received warning about fraud before speaking to anyone. When the number rang out I put the phone down and googled the number and found it is a scam.

  • By Anonymous 

    Text saying I had taken a loan out and when I called they had informed me I was a victim of fraud. Thankfully I quickly googled the number and hung up.

  • By Anonymous 

    spam text pretending to be santander

  • By Anonymous 

    Spam text pretending to be Santander.

  • By Anonymous 

    it's the bank Santander, calling for details about my account

     Owner: Santander

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