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  • By Anonymous 

    Rang today claiming to want to discuss our mortgage, I told her we dont have one. I then asked how they got our details and was told we had completed a form and they were ringing about it. Bullsh**. Have now reported to ICO as we are TPS

  • By Anonymous 

    Rang 2 days running about our mortgage that we do not have. Annoying!!!

  • By Anonymous 

    We, my wife and I have lost count of how many times this number and others similar have contacted at all different times, day and night, it is getting very frustrating.

  • By Anonymous 

    Ring over 3 times a day, buzz off

  • By Anonymous 

    This company claims they are a public service so aren't part if TPS.
    I told them that was bullsh** and told them to go away.

  • By Anonymous 

    total a55 wipe5
    feel like ringing them and talking a total load of sh1te

  • By Anonymous 

    Very persistent woman on phone. She asked for my wife. I asked in what connection. It was about our mortgage.
    I said we didn't have one! (Paid off) It was about claiming compensation. I was not interested, and hjng up.

  • By Anonymous 

    Call every day always ring off when answered

  • By Anonymous 

    This number calls 3 times a day & always rings off when the answerphone takes the call.
    I am registered with the TPS but they ignore this fact.
    They are a damn nuisance!

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