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⚠️ We have identified that criminals are using this phone number for the Microsoft Scam. They will offer to fix an urgent virus or other technical problem for you. The scammer will call you from 08008620855 and pretend to be an agent from Microsoft Technical Support.

The scammers want to gain access to your computer. They will then block your computer and demand a ransom. The scammers want to build a personal connection with you. Sometimes they know your name and use this to try and gain your trust. Be aware that Microsoft staff never call customers to discuss technical problems unless the customer has contacted them first. You will be protected from the Microsoft scammers on 08008620855 by following these steps:-

  • Do not install any software on your computer.
  • Do not engage with the scammers. If asked, refuse to pay for any technical assistance on the call.
  • Never give your bank account, credit card details or passwords to anybody on the telephone.
  • By Anonymous 

    Have had several calls from this number. Am registered with TPS. I now just let this number ring.

  • By Anonymous 

    Had a call today from this number it was an Asian man said it was to do with Microsoft. Told him not interested hung up and he rang again saying he is not selling anything but we have a virus on our computer and can pass it on of we email anyone. I hung up on him again.

  • By Anonymous 

    Received call today, recorded message about kitchen scr*ppage scheme. I am TPS registered. Message invites you to press if interested, but cuts out just after "To opt out, press-"!!! Also received the same call around the same time last week as well.

  • By Anonymous 

    Have had very many calls from this number, and also from Unavailable numbers - always an Asian voice asking for Mrs Sears - ppi claim call. Keep telling them there is no Mrs Sears on this number. How do I stop these calls?

  • By Anonymous 

    Called me today... again. This is only one of many numbers, that seem to be doing this regularly. Very frustrating. I am TPS registered, but what's the point?
    Seriously considering removing my land-line, as I only seem to get, these sort of calls.

  • By Anonymous 

    These really need reporting they must be paying
    brainless people to call around numbers when they don't say anything
    Sad isn't it!!!!

  • By Anonymous 

    Called themselves Greenplan and wanted to sell solar panels. As soon as I mentioned TPS they hung up. If you try dialling them the number is unobtainable. Have reported them to TPS.

  • By Anonymous 

    Asian speaking man wanting to know if we have a Natwest bank account. Asked why he wanted to know he hung up.

  • By Anonymous 

    Thus number has just called my home phone! I answered, heard lots of people talking in the background, suggesting this May be a call centre? They hung up! Next time it'll keep ringing!

  • By Anonymous 

    Unsolicited call today 18th Nov. Already registered with TPS

  • By Anonymous 

    Just had another call from these, why don't the telecoms companies do something about people being harassed all the time, on a mass scale like from this number ? Profit matters before everything in this world, and it is dam sad.

    However I must add it was very funny that an Indian was trying to put on a Scottish accent.

  • By Anonymous 

    recorded male voice re kitchen scr*ppage. I am TPS registered.

  • By Anonymous 

    Unsolicited call asking me to press 2 to respond to invitation to renovate kitchen. Member of TPS. Please stop this intrusiuon.

  • By Anonymous 

    12.45 Saturday 16 November 2013. Had call from this number. An American sounding voice asked if he was speaking..., he used a form of my name I NEVER use so I know he got it from a telemarketing list. I asked 'who are you? and the line went dead. Call back will not, of course, work. I have been TPS registered for over 14 years. Trace these crooks and punish them severely.


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