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  • By Anonymous 

    Dear Anonymous,

    Firstly may I take this opportunity to apologise that you feel your mother has been miss-sold, it is never our intention to have dissatisfied customers.

    I can assure you that The Total Cleaning Company is a professional family run business. We are not ‘cowboy cleaners’ or ‘out and out fraudsters’.

    We carry out on average 150 cleans per week, with a large quantity being at the £29 offer price, we operate in homes and businesses throughout the South for customers of all ages. We most certainly do not as you put it ‘target the old and vulnerable.

    Our technicians are fully trained, experienced and insured to carry out a professional service to high standards of customer satisfaction of which we have many testimonials.

    The £29 maintenance clean is a clean that manufacturers recommend to refresh your carpets; it may not remove visible staining or traffic lanes. As your mother paid £500 it would suggest she chose to have additional work carried out, but without any contact from yourself or your mother and without your contact details to retrieve your mothers’ contract it is impossible for us to investigate and resolve the situation.

    Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss the matter further.

    Kind regards

    The Total Cleaning Company.

  • By Anonymous 

    This is a company called the total cleaning company south, they promise to clean your carpets for £29 then when they arrive you are pushed into a hard sale by one of their COWBOY cleaners.
    They target the old and vulnerable and are out and out fraudsters.
    Do not be conned by the telephone call to start with as this is a hook that my elderly mother with an illness got caught with.
    The girl on the phone promised she would not pay anymore money than £29 but she was bullied into paying £500. By one of there cleaners who ruined her carpets
    She is now scared to go out the house due to this event the police have been contacted
    But please guys look out for your elderly parents and do NOT USE this COMPANY!!!!

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