Who called me from 08456026046?

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  • By anonymous carer 

    I believe this is the number for an alarm system (pendant for falls/help) which runs on landline and is used used by many elderly people.
    Doubt if you should be charged for this.

  • By Anonymous 

    This number keeps appearing on my mother's phone bill. I cannot seem to find out whose it is. Talk talk are no help at all.

  • By Anonymous 

    I saw this number on my fathers bill. He has health issues and the NHS have installed an alerting system which notifies a central team when an alert is activated by him falling. I suspect this number is the system making that call.
    Thought I’d share this on here so that others who see it on their bill can consider this as a possible reason for the number appearing.

    Hope it helps.

  • By Sharon 

    I have been billed for 4 calls to this number over the last 2 weeks. I contacted talktalk as I am with them and was told by a not very friendly member of staff that its impossible to be billed for calls you didnt make but it has 100% happened. I live alone so no one else uses my phone and I even checked my phone log just to be sure I hadn't rang it and it has not been called by me. I wish I could find out how this could have happened and as this was in the last 2 weeks it could happen again..

     Owner: Me

  • By Anonymous 

    This number keeps coming up on my mother's bills she has Alzheimer's. The bill reads Non Geo. Ridiculous!!

  • By Anonymous 

    I have the same issue with this number, 39 calls on my bill to this number that I have never saw before !

  • By Anonymous 

    A Call to this number appeared on my aunt's bill when she was on holiday and not at home???????

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