Who called me from 0861025712?

📍Perth, Australia
Fixed Line
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Tag cloud: Arrest (6), Voicemail (3), Tax (2), Claims (1), Robot (1)
  • By Anonymous 

    Same as others, had an automated voicemail saying an arrest warrant would be filed if I didn't call back

  • By Anonymous 

    auto dialer called me from this number to say if I did not return the call that "you will be arrested" no details or anything, pure fraudulent call

  • By Anonymous 

    Just got call from this number, which was a recorded message with an American accent, stating that I was being hit with a law suit from the taxation office and that if I didn't reply a warrant would be issued for my arrest.... these people just sad and pathetic individuals.

  • By Anonymous 

    Left Automated message saying lawsuit is filed under my name and if i dont call back an arrest warrant will go out

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