Who called me from 1300557272?

1300 557 272
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  • By Anonymous 

    I was doing my banking transactions on line on my new computer when the page froze .I had to shut the page without using the usual log out. I tried again to open the bank page and a warning from the Bank advised me to call this number for further details. I did not ,I prefer to check the number first.

  • By Anonymous 

    message said call BOQ financial crimes operations urgently on the above number regarding your card. a

  • By Anonymous 

    This BOQ’s official contact number https://www.boq.com.au/contact-us

  • By Anonymous 

    False it's a BOQ number. https://www.boq.com.au/contact-us General Enquiries.

  • By Anonymous 

    Claims to be telstra and demanding money from the recipient caller.

    do not communicate with these persons

  • By Anonymous 

    Ok just received a txt saying my card has been blocked and that i should call 1300557272 immediately.

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