Who called me from 1410200500?

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📍Glasgow, United Kingdom
Fixed Line
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  • By Anonymous 

    They are trying to collect money

  • By Anonymous 

    called 2 times today

  • By Anonymous 

    Rec'd text
    frm: case-bank-alert-checking-acc-dokmczsggg
    subj: information for phone nr ##########
    msg: information id: t66mdo7zra http://omirfn.com?access-dokmczsggg

    i don't have an account with chase and never heard of an account number being alphabets

  • By Anonymous 

    I also got an obvious scam message similiar to everyone else:

    " 1 of 2
    subj:important alert!
    msg:alert ! your account is pending susp3nsion, login to resolve your case :
    (con't) 2 of 2
    http://3178333170/?caseid=123. regards . (end)"

    register as a scam number (andriods can do this tapping the upper right option, tap 'more' and 'register scam number'.) and delete from your phone.

  • By Anonymous 

    It said "1 of 2 frm:infos subj:important alert! msg:alert ! your account is pending susp3nsion, login to resolve your case : (cont'd) 2 of 2 http://3178333170/? caseid=135. regards . (end)"
    always google any number that calls/texts you, and never click the links!

  • By Crista 

    It said "frm:huntington-bank-d515syav7m
    msg:notice d515syav7m from: [huntington-bank] status: card-8493-locked. visit http://dryzqf.com/?=d515syav7m to unlock now." i totally thought that was my atm card and i freaked out for a minute. didn't click it tho

     Owner: idk bruh some scammer

  • By Anonymous 

    Got a text from 1410200501 from napa auto saying the will pay me $450.00 a week if i drive around with their decal on my car.

  • By Anonymous 

    Trying to get my facebook account info

  • By Anonymous 

    Just a link to a scam website was attached as a text message.
    Block this number and don't deal with it at all

  • By Anonymous 

    scam, keeps sending messages from similar numbers

  • By Anonymous 

    Received text message today:

    FRM: Wells Fargo
    MSG: Check the activity urgently: 'scam website'
    Due to suspicious activity, we have temporarily locked your account.

    -My Wells Fargo account was closed permanently 7 years ago, by me. Very obvious scam.

  • By Anonymous 

    Text received stating "CHASE Visa card deactivated" with a link http://bagoak.com to click. Also had random numbers & letters. I ignored. I do not have a CHASE Visa. Obvious scam. Possible virus.

  • By Anonymous 

    Scam :

    frm:mastercard security call 8665066316 now
    subj:new important message
    msg:id :961

  • By Anonymous 

    Got a message about my Chase ID being restricted, with a link to a random website to "restore" it. I've never used Chase bank in my life.

  • By Anonymous 

    Msg from this number told me i won 2 millon dollars and was atta?hed to an outlook account and just opening those account can infect phone

  • By Anonymous 

    Text message said this : from: mccoy, msg: andghosts he

  • By Anonymous 

    Received a text from this number stating possible fraud on my usaa acct, of which i do not, and have never, used. Obvious spam/scam.

  • By Anonymous 

    I received a text today with the following message:

    FRM:wellsfargo-security dept.
    SUBJ:Unanthorized DEBT-CARD use
    MSG: [{Scammer's Website Link Was Here}]

    It was an obvious SCAM because that's not the way Banks notify people of issues with their cards, and because I don't even have an account with Wells Fargo. I continuously monitor all of my back accounts, so I already know that there is nothing wrong with any of them.

  • By Anonymous 

    Received a text with this info

    MSG: [inserted link]

    I did not trust the inserted link nor the number, so I checked my bank account to see if my card really was restricted. Nothing was wrong with my account. This is a very blatant scam.

  • By Vera 

    Just got a text from "PayPal" telling me there was suspicious activity, and have me a website link. Good thing I looked into it before doing anything. Will report to PayPal

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