Who called me from 18006424720?

💡Wells Fargo
📍United States of America
Toll Free
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  • By Anonymous 

    Scam call claiming they were Wells Fargo. Asked if I had Samsung Pay, I said no. They then said there were fraudulent charges to my acct. Ok. Cancel the charges and my card. They said they couldn't do that. They would send me a verification text-and I needed to read them the number so they could start the reversal process. Um. Weird, but ok. There was a text-good thing I looked closely. It was the 2 factor ID code to authorize Samsung Pay on my card. Had I given them that number, they would have gotten around the 2 factor ID and used my card on their Samsung Pay.

  • By Anonymous 

    the guy said he is from Capital One. Asking me all information about my credit cards so they can lower my interest rate.

  • By Anonymous 

    A text message came to my phone to verify about two charges made to my credit card thru Amazon Prime. which I contacted them and viewed my account and there was no recent activity was told by Amazon that it is a phishing scam. That my either my email or credit card had been hacked. so watch out for these scammers

  • By Anonymous 

    annoying caller from Wells Fargo trying to sell financial products

     Owner: Wells Fargo

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