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  • By Anonymous 

    Called me twice, left a robot voice-mail that tried to legally threaten me. Glad this website exists and will make my family aware of this number.

  • By Anonymous 

    They keep calling me constantly saying legal action will be taken if I dont give my SIN numbers out, if it was really that important they could have sent mail for me. Its a scam never give out personal information to people. Stay safe everyone

  • By Anonymous 

    Have called me twice. I believe it to be a scam so I hung up.

  • By Anonymous 

    i also get the call from this nmbr its just a scam nothing else

  • By Anonymous 

    Automated person talking about legal legal troubles I have none

  • By Anonymous 

    Called multiple time

  • By Anonymous 

    This number (1(888) 502-9060 called me on Oct.3 2019 at 17:50. I always am suspicious whenever strangers call me. I didn't pick up the phone and did some inquiry the next day (today), found out that there was someone been called by the same number and said, it was about SIN. First, I don't think I have any problem with my SIN. So I don't believe it's government who called me (if it was about SIN like happened to another person), if the government called you anyway and couldn't reach you by phone, they would send a formal letter. Anyway, this kind of call is really annoying.

  • By Anonymous 

    Called my cell phone telling me my sin number was being canceled immediately due to suspicious activity, asked me to repeat the number to them and when i told them i was unsure of it they hung up. the lady on the phone had a very thick asian accent, background noise was over bearing, and she was rude.

  • By Anonymous 

    attempt identity theft, ask for SIN, sounds like a call centre in the background, south Asian accent.

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