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  • By Anonymous 

    How do I remove 66299 or better block this number

  • By Anonymous 

    A scam - I did not subscribe. Something to do with Just-Discounts and Galanerltd (sic). I also received a message from FootLocker about free post on orders over £24.99. Whether FootLocker has anything to do with this scam I'm not able to say. It seems odd that I never contacted FootLocker, or know anything about them until the message; I checked them through a google search and went to the web site. But it seems to much of a coincidence that these two messages should arrive at the same time.

  • By Anonymous 

    Hi there
    I received the message from this number66299 and I didn’t even check it but after few days I’ve checked it and asked the O2 and they said sorry we can’t do anything and still charging me £3.75 within 2 weeks if anybody knows how to remove it please let me know thanks

  • By Anonymous 

    just noticed this number on my o2 bill and cannot recall ever using it or receiving anything from it. if this persists i think a knew number maybe needed
    not happy

  • By Anonymous 

    Text received claiming to be for Fitness Improvement. I have never subscribed. Have been charged £3.75. Will take up with O2.

  • By Anonymous 

    We have just discovered that this number has been charging 4 or 5 calls a month at £3.75 for over 2 years. We seem unable to stop this, & o2 will not take responsibility. This is absurd.

  • By Beata Gineikienes  

    I was charged for this number sending scam messages. Please stop it. I don't wanna pay for nothing.

     Owner: 07842621219

  • By Anonymous 

    Will u pls stop get out my money a week of phone not happy with that pls pls pls no more thank u

  • By Anonymous 

    Even text stop still going on

  • By Anonymous 

    Dear All,

    Please promulgate far and wide soonest......from my general research, this 662299 SCAM seems to 'possibly' stem from 'Costa Coffee' and thereafter linked to the mails below; I fully agree with others that our UK providers should be more proactive in these types of clears SCAM .....as I see it, it goes back to 2015 and possibly earlier......I further question whether they are perhaps part of it which I will try and clarify at a later date ......they seem adamant that there is no chance of any refund even though there is clear NO clarity on bills stating how, what and where etc plus the response that I getting seem to be in the 3rd person ........as I have stated below, ourUK Telephone providers should 'hang their heads in shame' for allowing this 'known' scam to run......take care all and always check you're monthly bills - the snakes are around. Best E

    PS: 02 Customer Care were also on CC - result, no support to date - what a surprise!!
    Dear madam,

    We have received the information below from our client:

    Customer subscribed themselves on the website http://coffee.com-club.gifts/surveys/GB/cos/2/?oid=788&brand=DC&xc=1254(This page is no longer online as the service isn’t promoted anymore - THIS IS 'COSTA COFFEE everyone). On this page customer could see the weekly costs and the Terms & Conditions.
    Customer has entered their mobile number, after that a 3rd party generated PIN code was sent to the mobile phone and this code was entered on this website as well, thereby confirming the subscription.
    Customer subscribed with IOS with Mobile Safari browser on 2016-10-14 21:51:11 CEST from IP address

    After subscribing customer received a free text message informing customer of the start of their subscription:
    FreeMsg: U have subscribed to Domicoins for £4.50 per week until you send STOP to 66299. Help? 03303326254

    Therefore we cannot respond to your request for refunding the expenses. The subscription has been cancelled.

    Kind regards,

    Van: E.............. [mailto:................@btinternet.com]
    Verzonden: maandag 12 juni 2017 15:02
    Aan: [Globway] Customer care
    CC: ................@btinternet.com; mycare@o2mail.co.uk;
    Onderwerp: Re: RE: Refund - +44 (0)7860............. - SMS's 66299?

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have never/would never agreed to subscribe to anything by this company as it means nothing of interest to me. I do not know where they got my number, was it through the cover of for example 'Costa Coffee' shops. My research clearly show that this is a major scam with 'possible' links to our own UK telephone providers; even 'Costa' are somewhat implicated in parts of my research.

    I agree with the view of many, with me this has unfortunately been going on since Oct 16 @ £4.50 per week, yes before anyone states the obvious, I am partly to blame for not picking this up on my bills however, so are several thousand other customers who trust our British providers to do their job, surely our so called 'squeaky clean' providers have a legal responsibility/obligation to realise this from past promulgated complaints online since 2015, thereafter issuing a 'ALL STATIONS' call to all customers as a warning - come 02, we have been your loyal customers for many years and you are saying you were not aware of this horrible 'scam' .......pathetically unprofessional which as per the web sight, rendering many sceptical of UK Telephone providers involvement.......you should all hang your heads in shame.....is this now why there some very good deals on the table I ask!!

    Customer Care at Globway or Domicoins Sale Support or 'whatever your cover name is for SCAM', I DEMAND a refund; opening a 66299 SMS text does NOT automatically make me a subscriber and is not legal; where is the supporting paperwork etc....please forward as I want to take this legally forward. E

    ----Original message----
    From : customercare@globway.com
    Date : 12/06/2017 - 12:23 (BST)
    To : e.................@btinternet.com
    Subject : RE: Refund - +44 (0)7860.............. - SMS's 66299?

  • By Anonymous 

    I've been scam by this no. and again I txt stop it still going on what will I do.

  • By 2017 

    5264437466299 onarun

     Owner: 52644374

  • By Anonymous 

    This number just suddenly started appearing on my bill every friday at a cost of 3.75 the number was in my blocked text numbers what do i do

  • By Anonymous 

    I do not won't to have this please stop this

  • By Anonymous 

    This company is charging my phone bill with approx £20 per month for something that I did'nt sign up for. How do I stop it?

  • By Anonymous 

    Have been charging me 4.50 per week without my consent. Just realised when checking phone bill.
    Have call 08004080781 to cancel and requested refund.Will see what happens.

  • By Anonymous 

    I been charged by this number out of 15,00£ and I didn't even know about this number.. how can I get a refund and stop them to take money?

  • By Anonymous 

    This company is amoral. I have never been a subscriber but have been charged once a week at the rate of £4.99. I am in my mid 70's. Why is this legal in the U.K. When it s not in other countries? There should be legislation against it.

  • By Lyn 

    This number has been texting me and charging me £4.50 four times every month. Apparently the number belongs to QUIZTRONICS. How can I claim my money back and stop this happening? They have stolen from me.
    My email address is

     Owner: Quixtronics

  • By Anonymous 

    Keeps taking money 3.750 a week when I haven't signed up for anything. Please can you sort this out

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