Who called me from 8006226232?

us United States
  • By Anonymous 

    Same thing its a scam hitting ,hitting richmond,bc again

  • By Anonymous 

    just got a call from this number. It was a recorded message saying they were calling from the government and that my Social Insurance Number had been suspended due to fraudulent or criminal activity. Told me to press 1 to find out what was up. I pressed hang up instead. total scam. a-holes.

  • By Anonymous 

    I got call from this number. Soon i pick up the phone, automatic voice message started saying we are calling from service Canada and your SIN number has been suspended because of suspicious activities....., I hung up. I am sure this is scam.

  • By Anonymous 

    Spam call, SIN number scam, They will tell u they found suspicious activity on ur SIN number. Then they will trick u with all fake police case trick. After that they will told u to transfer all money to digital account. Don't do it. They also told to verify this number on google maps. but they are calling VOIP with this fake number.

  • By Anonymous 

    Dont call that number againt or i call the police

  • By Anonymous 

    They said they are calling from Service Canada and said that my sin number was stolen, and used in Mexico by drug trafficking, it was an indian accent english, and tried to get info and personal id info from me. They also said that they are calling from Alberta, calgary

  • By Anonymous 

    They said they are from revenue Canada pretty sure its a scam..

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