Who called me from 8669531002?

(866) 953-1002
United Health Care
Toll Free
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  • By Anonymous 

    Have received 2 mgs to call 866.953.1002 supposedly United Health Care asking me to take a brief survey. I am NOT returning call.

  • By Anonymous 

    Call me very often.

  • By Anonymous 

    I got a call originally from 612-836-699. i don't answer calls with no id, so i ignored it. when it went to messages, it said they were uhc & i should call back to 866-935-1002 to take a survey. checked the # on google, i'm not calling.

  • By Anonymous 

    scam survey - do not give personal information.

  • By Anonymous 

    Hello, I am from UHC (United Health Care) we have been receiving calls lately of the same issue please know that our official number is 866-414-1959. This number 8669531002 is unkown to us.

    Thank you

  • By Anonymous 

    I also was called by this number claiming to be from United Health Care and asked to participate in a survey.
    I don't participate in surveys from a call I did not originate. EVER!

  • By Anonymous 

    I received a call from this number claiming to be United Healthcare asking me to participate in a survey.

  • By Anonymous 

    Claims to be United Healthcare

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