Who called me from 97237554140?

Hebrew University
  • By Anonymous 

    I keep getting unwanted calls from this number

  • By Anonymous 

    I received the same call from this number offering a course on Hebrew language and biblical studies I became suspicious when he started to ask about my card details especially the number. I believe this is a big scam!

  • By Anonymous 

    Scam. Avoid this

  • By Anonymous 

    The representatives definitely appear to be fraudulent. Even the way they speak to you sounds so manipulative. Such a waste of my time.
    Deceitful, money hungry serpents have truly filled the earth. Very disgraceful.
    Thanks for nothing.

  • By Anonymous 

    I got a similar call from a woman.
    She asked how I'd foind out about them and i mentioned thw add.
    She seemed set on putting me on a "back-footer" and whwn i said i wasn't interested nor could afford an instant start to tje course but just wanted to simply know more, she subtly but definately got irate and jept aski why I'd got in touch, and mike thw above comment i ne tioned i was expexting an email contact.
    It stank of a con/scam.
    I'd asvise anyone to avoid them.
    She said she was in israel, but i constantly now get calls from this Texas number even tho i told her i thought she was a con artist and wanted nothing to do with them.
    She seemed to listen to me veru little, but kept going for the jugular in manipulative guilt trip technique. None of Which Would work on me whixh she did not like.
    Its over a week later and they are still calling.

  • By Anonymous 

    I response to an email about studying biblical with Hebrew University. And received a phone call advising the availability for the short course of 9 months with the explanation after 9 mo I will be able to understand the basic words of Hebrew language.
    I have asked the person to send all data by email..and his comment he is not a marketing propaganda. All can be check via the website.
    In term of tuition he was offering reduction of $200.00 from 1100 to 900$ If join immefiately over the phone and pay by my card.

    I just send the email in order to find out more as I was interested. After 2 minute received this phone call. But when he refused to send me all his advises and offer in writing to my mail..with excuses he is not marketing propaganda... iam not feeling comfortable anymore as it doesn't make senses anymore.
    The have website with testimony of a few people. But in term of registration and payment of tuition they want it instantly and do not want to put the request in writing. Instead just send the same web link.
    Most university has no problem and will send the courses details and also payment request in writing with full details of the courses.

    If this is real what's the big deal of sending those courses details after all it's not free and I have to pay. That's my entitlement to know what do I get for 900 or 1100.

    It doesn't make sense for me and they excused as well is not logic.. and I cancel my intention and feel intimidated. Just feel something is not right especially when they insisting immediate payment over the phone.

  • By Anonymous 

    Called me at 3 a.m this morning!!!!!!

  • By Anonymous 

    Hebrew University calling after application for one of their courses

    Owner: Hebrew University

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