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 Sydney, AustraliaAustralia

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  • 0283173519Got the old 20 second wait before I heard people talking in the background on other phones. They didnt say anything so I just said 'I AM NOT FALLING FOR YOUR SCAMS FOR THE 50TH F'N TIME' and I hung up. Im surprised theyre using the same 20yr old bullcr*p lines.
  • 0283171335Areshole oppourtunistic loan sharks who must be getting corrupt info from the ATO
  • 0283174317Sales person regarding solar panel energy. I asked to be removed from call list
  • 0283174303Spam spam spam
  • 0283171173Have brought a couple of vouchers from 7 Sky Tours today , showed me all the company details and the list of accommodations on offer and all sounds and looks good too . Will be waiting for my package so that i can actually use it myself an
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