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    Like others who have reported this number, I have had repeated calls from Hattons after purchasing two of their "special offer" coins.
    Firstly they sent the wrong coin but the correct book about the coin I had ordered. When I rang to report this, and requested the correct order, I received a copy of a book which had nothing to do with my order, but was about a different coin. Eventually after a lot of hassle I got the right order, but their service left much to be desired.
    I was asked if I would like to be informed of new promotions, I very clearly said
    "No thank you, if I want something I will ring you".
    Today, 23/8/2019 at 14.15, I had a call from Hattons. I let it go to answerphone, but no message was left.
    If they ring again I will report them to the Office of the Information Commissioner for them to take action against the company. Such action starts with a warning about unwanted calls, and can progress to fines of up to £500,000.
    I strongly suggest people look up Information Commissioner Office and read their information. Hattons number is now blocked on my phone.

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    Thanks you for all the info above it has helped me decide not to use this compnay

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    I am totally fed up with this company Hattons of London. I have told them countless times i am not going to buy any more coins from them and the reason for this is because they keep calling my number. Now today they called me again but this time i kept them on the phone for nearly 2hrs,i put about £4-5 ,000 worth of coins in the basket talk about licking my arse this guy thought his wage packet on Friday would be full of commission (not a chance in hell)just as he asked me for my bank details i told him (i have no intention of buying anything from him whatsoever)and asked him if he was upset because I wasted his time ,the line went quiet, i took it he put the phone down. Don't think i will get any more calls !

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    I have purchased from Hattons of London with a full set of sovereigns the coins were really nice but when the girl called back i told her please don't keep calling my number as I am extremely busy every day if I want to order more coins i will be in touch with them. That was fine for the 1st month or 2. Now Jesus Christ they will not stop calling me on my mobile and landline I've told them to stop calling that I will never buy anything from them again because of the harassment but they just keep calling. So now if I'm not busy i keep them on the phone for as long as I can and coming up to the end of the call maybe an hour later I tell them I have just wasted your time i have 0% in buying anything from you and I have just wasted your time. I normally make them think I am going to buy around 3 full sets of sovereigns from them. NO LUCK ! !

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    Constant (every day calls) Unwanted marketing, pressure selling since purchasing from Hattons of London. Must stop as using my private business line. A nuisance at the end of the day. People must emphasise that no further unsolicited calls are wanted.

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    I to purchase from them and say no more contact this is out of order

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    I also purchased from hattons . and keep getting these calls when I answer they cut out.so assume computer generated

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    I keep receiving a call from this number didn’t know it was Hattons of London now I do I shall think twice about buying things from them as this is becoming harassment

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    Relentless! I ordered from Hattons of London & only gave my number on the understanding that it would only be used in connection with that order. I have been bombarded with sales calls, sometimes several times a day, for months. I don't usually answer but I am truly fed up!

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    I too have purchased from Hattons of London and this number calls me everyday day. I put it on my block list so all i get now is a message to say they called.
    You'd think by them calling everyday and getting no answer would tell them i'm not interested and if i was i'd call them.

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    I made a purchase a few months ago from a company called Hattons of London. Even though I've told them I'm not interested in making any further purchases at this time, they are calling my mobile virtually every day and are becoming a real nuisance. Talk about pressure selling!! I just let the call ring out, without answering hoping they'll get the message.

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