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We're really sorry that you received an unknown call from 07077660052. today – we understand how stressful it can be. We hope the comments from our users have helped you to avoid a nuisance call.

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Sharing your unique interaction with 07077660052 will help others avoid harassment. Any information you can provide is invaluable. Who called you? Did you answer the phone? Did they speak? Where were they from? What did they say? What did they sound like? How many times did they call? Our trusted community of phone operators, lawyers and regular internet users have identified over 40000 numbers already, and that number’s growing every day. We love that our users look out for each other - thank you.

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This phone number is used as Personal or Follow-me numbers.

This is a special type of phone number as it is different to other 07 phone numbers. These type of phone numbers allow persons and business to give a phone number to be contacted and once called the call redirected to any location. These numbers can also be used as temporal phone numbers to get in touch.

Calls to 07077660052 from your landline can cost from 4p to £3.40 per minute. From your mobile price can be from 30p to £2.50 per minute. Be aware additional fees may apply, such as 'set-up' fee (51p).

Personal numbers are regulated by Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA).

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  • 07077661458This is a premium number used by fake profiles on dating sites. You will get a reply from a very attractive young woman wanting to talk on the phone.
  • 07077665459A woman on this website entices a young man in our household to ring her on our landline at a rate of over £1/minute. He has so far run up bills of £180
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