Phone number 08005875252

0800 587 5252
Toll Free

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We're really sorry that you received an unknown call from 08005875252 today – we understand how stressful it can be. We hope the comments from our users have helped you to avoid a nuisance call.

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This phone number is a Freephone service number.

Its free to call 08005875252 from your landline and your mobile phone. The company receiving the call pays the cost of the call. Normally these phone numbers are used by charities, helplines, sales support or costumer service lines.

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  • 08005870463Automated voice call asking me to call a different 0800 number regarding a paypal account which we don't have. Have blocked the caller.
  • 08005875290Rang twice in the space of 30 mins on a Friday afternoon no one could be bothered to speak so have blocked the number.
  • 08005879997Safe call to answer, it's Nationwide fraud prevention center
  • 08005870234Text received re mobile phone from BT? enquiring if I was on the best terms for my mobile
  • 08005871584Number was linked to Equifax on a letter. claimed that my personal data was compromised. sure scam!
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