Who called me from 08456070099?

0845 607 0099
Premium Rate
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We're really sorry that you received an unknown call from 08456070099 today – we understand how stressful it can be. We hope the comments from our users have helped you to avoid a nuisance call.

What was your experience? Help others by adding your own comment or reach out to our community for any information they might have.

Sharing your unique interaction with 08456070099 will help others avoid harassment. Any information you can provide is invaluable. Who called you? Did you answer the phone? Did they speak? Where were they from? What did they say? What did they sound like? How many times did they call? Our trusted community of phone operators, lawyers and regular internet users have identified over 1,000,000 numbers already, and that number’s growing every day. We love that our users look out for each other - thank you.

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This phone number is a Business rate number.

Calls to 08456070099 are charged at special rate, more expensive than calls to regular phone numbers. Price can be from 11p to 62p plus a 'set-up' fee of 7p.

Similar phone numbers identified by our community

  • 08456070666Appears on a letter about a “new” bank account with Santander that we have no knowledge of. Very suspicious.
  • 08456070456Had an email saying thanks for your payment, very weird as I don't have an online account with south staffs water, and to call this number if any doubt???????
  • 08456071942I have been billed for ringing this number from my mobile for £33.00 i am very confused.
  • 08456070809This is a genuine call from fedex
  • 08456076557Whats local uk number
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