Who called me from 66299?

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    Nectar points! Don't noone read the small print or see the opt out/in boxes?? If you've signed up to anything like this from major supermarkets etc then that's where it has originated from. Your personal info has been compromised and ultimately your the reason why it has been. Why do people not care any more about what info the give out? Why are people so blind to see how info is shared and used? It's not illegal, you've signed up to something so it's your fault no one forced you to sign and give your REAL details.. This day and age people are reckless with their own privacy, and social networks have made that possible.

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    It's from them scammers at morrisions...also sainsburys actually all companies that try to get you to sign up for "NECTAR" cards lol. If your foolish enough to apply for one of these and give them your email address, home address, and mobile number then I suppose it teaches you a lesson for signing up in the first place. The savings you make from nectar points and the like is a joke anyway a few pence of your petrol and food? All they want is your personal details and you've just handed to them. You may be able to stop the texts but your info has probably been shared thousands of times and all your info will be used by other scammers like these. It's ashame that people put themselves in these situations, if your stupid enough to fall for a simple easy to spot scam then it's all your own fault. Be more vigilant with your privacy and protect yourselves, you lot probably all on Facebook and whatnot so your info already sold on and shard with thousands of scammers... Common sense will tell you not to giv strangers your personal info, would you give a stranger your drivers license, bank details and pin, your passport and nhs number?...no! Then why did you sign up for nectar cards at morrisions or wherever?.. You've handed it to them and there's nothing you can do except go through all your junk emails and scroll to the bottom and click unsubscribe. Good luck and next time be extremely careful signing or giving info out to ANYONE regardless of company. Oh Argos are also encouraging you to give them email address after you purchase they claim it's for a receipt which is a load of cobblers is purely to study and get your info and shopping habbits, so please everyone be careful, personal details are big right now and very dangerous in the wrong hands.

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    I'm receiving texts from oxygen8 and being charged £3.75 every week. I'm with 02. How can I reclaim this money back. That's 4 times so far I've been charged....my mobile is 077772828066

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    get a text every month on the 15th saying ive entered a comp at 4.50 text stop 66299 but it fails to go it says for further help call08000569232 which i will not as i think this is how they con you

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    I entered my mobile number into a 'Morrisons' survey and got lumbered with this 66299 at £4.50 a time. I typed in 'Stop' as it said it just fails eveytime. How do I get rid of it.........?

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    This scam should be stopped pdq. I'm sure I will be charged £4.50 for receiving a text. I stupidly provided my mobile number. The first time I have fallen for a scam!

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    this is a massive scam was charged £4.50 to my phone bill

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    I keep getting texts from this number it's driving me mad

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