Who called me from 87066?

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    conned on my ipad thought it was Apple so far charged £4.50

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    How do I stop this?

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    it has charges me nearly £10 to stop these messages

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    I've called my operator Three about this and they offered to do a conference call to the number 03330030581 which is their number and try to get a refund. The company confirmed my details and said they will send a postal order for the amount of texts charged (£18). I hope this will arrive.

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    Can you stop this for me please

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    How I can STOP this service. Pls help.

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    Scammers...you get a popup on your tablet/phone for entry to win an item,they ask for a mobile number to send you a confirmation text,you get the text message that says that your phone account will be charged £4.50 per week to enter in all its competitions ...this is follwed by another text sayng if you want to stop the charge to text STOP in a reply to it,seems these reply texts are charged at premuim rate which will cost you approx £3.50 per text , it conned ring your phone provider and try to stop the charge.
    Seems the company is WINTRIVIA.COM from some website reviews on the web.

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