Special Area Codes in the UK

Below you will find a list of special area codes which are non-geographic numbers. Unlike the geographic UK dialling codes, these codes are not linked to any area.

Their format is also very different and includes a range of different two-number prefixes. The prefixes that are used are: 03 for UK Wide numbers, 05 for corporate numbering and VOIP numbers, 07 for personal numbering and pagers, 08 for Freephone service, internet for schools, inbound routing codes and business rate numbers and 09 for premium rate numbers.

The rates for these phone numbers greatly vary and depend on many factors, prices can go from 3p per minute to up-to £6 per minute. You can find additional information for each code on the list below.

03UK Wide
055Corporate number
056VOIP number
070Personal number
0800Freephone service
0808Freephone service
08Business rate
09Premium rate