Area Code 03 - Information and activity

UK Wide numbers are non-geographic which means that they are not linked to any specific location in the United Kingdom. The main characteristic about UK Wide numbers is the fact that they are charged at geographic rates.

Many organisations use them instead of business rate numbers because they are cheaper. This is why most of the companies have a phone number starting with 03 instead of 08.

How much does it cost to call a UK-Wide number?

Calls to UK Wide phone numbers (03 area code) are charged the same price as Geographic numbers:

  • If you call from a landline there is a set-up fee of 23p and then 16p per minute.
  • If you call from a mobile, the set-up fee depends on your phone company, and then between 3p and 65p per minute. However, calls to UK Wide numbers are often included in free call packages.

Spam activity for Area Code 03

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in UK Wide 38904

Most active phone numbers in UK Wide


Last dangerous phone numbers detected in UK Wide

  • Not-for-profit organisation

    This company are selling life insurance and are asking if you would like a life insurance review. Not today thank you.

    United Kingdom
  • Not-for-profit organisation

    UK lifecare selling life insurance

    United Kingdom
  • Not-for-profit organisation

    Barclays fraud team - saying someone had used by card for a payment to Argos in Birmingham. They wanted me to log into the app which I did then asked for me to give them the generated authentication code, Which I didn't. Then they hung up abruptly

    United Kingdom
  • Not-for-profit organisation

    I believe this number is associated with a trading scam.

    United Kingdom
  • Not-for-profit organisation

    Claimed to be Carphone Warehouse, some sort of scam probably

    United Kingdom