Area Code 055 - Information and activity

Corporate numbers have a five-digit prefix that starts with 055. These phone numbers were introduced to be used by companies for internal phone networks throughout the country. The reality is, however, quite different. Most companies were reluctant to adopt the 055 dialling code mainly due to their greatly varying rates. Instead, they opted to use 03 (UK wide) or 08 (business rate) phone numbers.

There are only 4 corporate numbering prefixes active: 05511, 05516, 05555 and 05588.

How much does it cost to call a Corporate Number (055)?

These numbers don’t have a standard rate and it can greatly vary depending on many factors. This is the reason they are usually called non-standard numbers. most of them are charged at the standard basic rate, 45p per minute.

Spam activity for Area Code 055

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Corporate number 655

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  • Not-for-profit organisation

    Rang 3 times.i didn't answer

    United Kingdom
  • Not-for-profit organisation

    unsolicited call. not answered. 24-05-2022

    United Kingdom
  • Not-for-profit organisation

    The person who called me from this number did not even speak

    United Kingdom
  • Not-for-profit organisation

    Spam about some service

    United Kingdom
  • Not-for-profit organisation

    they say they're from a bank but I don't believe then

    United Kingdom