Area Code 056 - Information and activity

Phone numbers starting with 056 also known as VoIP numbers, which is a short for Voice Over Internet Protocol. These kinds of numbers are used as an alternative to landlines. If you receive a call from a number with the 056 prefix, you can be almost certain the call is made from a VoIP service, since all 056 numbers are linked to it.

There are only 4 VoIP prefixes active: 05600, 05601, 05602 and 05603.

How much does it cost to call a VoIP number?

  • If you call from a landline, the price can go from 2p to 13p.
  • If you call from a mobile, the price can go from 10p to 55p; unfortunately, these calls to these phone numbers are not included in free call bundles.

Spam activity for Area Code 056

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in VOIP number 603

Most active phone numbers in VOIP number


Last dangerous phone numbers detected in VOIP number

  • VOIP

    Keep on ringing me

    United Kingdom
  • VOIP

    SCAM Telling me I have a loan application. Laughing down the phone, once I said I am not interested he said ‘so you have lots of money can you send me some’ DO NOT ANSWER!!!!!

    United Kingdom
  • VOIP

    Caller knew my name and address. Proported to be from UK Insurance calling with regards paying £70 by credit card for some unknown insurance approx 3 months ago. Of course I hadn't and they just said I had come up on their database?

    United Kingdom
  • VOIP

    I m begging for help to stop all the unwanted phone numbers

    United Kingdom
  • VOIP

    Where the hell is 0561 coming from? Cant find it anywhere!

    United Kingdom