Area Code 076 - Information and activity

All phone numbers with the 076 prefix are reserved for Pagers, except for those that start with 07624 that are used by mobile phone numbers in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Pagers are nowadays mostly used by hospitals because of their reliability and low maintenance cost. They also work where cellphones won’t - particularly in some parts of hospitals such as those built for X-ray scanning that don’t have service. That’s where pagers come in handy.

So, if you get contacted by a pager, it is most likely that it is the NHS, although some people still use pagers for the same reasons as the NHS.

There are not many pagers left in the UK, however, most people who still use pagers don’t buy the device, but rather pay a monthly fee and ‘lease’ it. These fees vary but are generally in the £5 to £15 range.

Spam activity for Area Code 076

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Pagers 1013

Most active phone numbers in Pagers


Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Pagers

  • Pager

    Call claiming it was about my loft insulation. I do not have a loft.

    United Kingdom
  • 07642199251

    Fake Royal Mail - don't pay! You'll notice they only have your name and number as address

  • Pager

    This number cold called saying they understood I had had insulation done. I haven't. I asked how they knew. Evasive answer. They mentioned the usual government recommended and availability for 55-80 year olds!Obviously selling something. I said I objected to the call and put the phone down.

    United Kingdom
  • 07652592593

    scam call for Windows support on computer.

  • 07667850218

    Recorded message saying my nin has been compromised and it's going to be suspended unless I speak to an agent...?