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Phone numbers that start with 0800 are known as Freephone numbers, the main characteristic of these numbers is that calling them is free to everyone. This is mainly because organisations that own these numbers have taken all the charges upon themselves in order for the calls to be free.

These organisations include government helplines, charities, various customer services, etc. You should also know that the 0808 80 number is used only by charities.

How much does it cost to call a Freephone Number?

As the name suggests, its free to call these numbers from U.K. landlines and mobile phones. Keep in mind that it often happens that some organisations block calls from payphones to filter out unwanted calls.

Spam activity for Area Code 0800

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Freephone service 23475

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Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Freephone service

  • Freephone

    Unsolicited call to talk to me about a new government grant for boiler replacement

    United Kingdom
  • Freephone

    I was called by this number today and asked for dob and other information very strange and worrying now

    United Kingdom
  • Freephone

    We are getting calls from 08004970747 once every day,still not sure who is calling,some posts says Virgin Media,others say INSURANCE,not returning any calls until sure who it is.

    United Kingdom
  • Freephone

    Fraud - claiming to be O2. Do not give out the code. It's a scam

    United Kingdom
  • Freephone

    Safe to answer, it's Amazon UK.

    United Kingdom

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