Area Code 09 - Information and activity

The phone numbers that start with a 09-area code are called Premium numbers. Calls to these phone numbers are charged at a much higher rate than any other landline.

These phone numbers are used to provide various services and thus are directly a way of making money for its owner.

These services include fortune-telling, lottery and competitions, voting over TV, adult entertainment, etc. You can block these numbers from calling you to avoid any unwanted costs, to do so, download our Call Blocker app or get in touch with your phone operator.

How much does it cost to call a Premium rate number?

The cost of contacting a 09 number is always composed of two separate charges:

  • A service charge that was previously set by the owner of the line you are calling, for Premium numbers it can be from 1p to £3.60 per minute.
  • An access charge that your provider charges, the price will depend on your phone company, but can be from 8p to 65p per minute.

Be extremely careful when trying to contact one of these numbers. The organisation/service you are trying to contact is responsible to inform you of how much their services cost and make it transparent for everybody.

Spam activity for Area Code 09

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Premium rate 5487

Most active phone numbers in Premium rate


Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Premium rate

  • 09992247865

    This number 09992247865 called me 5x already

  • Premium Rate

    Online app. Customer service so rude

    United Kingdom
  • Premium Rate

    Premium number scam, they advertise in Google posing as the legit number of whatever business you are searching. It cost me £10.

    United Kingdom
  • Premium Rate

    I want to contact HMRC for my query i found this number from Google as HMRC official contact number. After few minutes when no body answered my call i declined my call nd today my network charged 45.30pound extra from my account for this call.

    United Kingdom
  • Premium Rate

    Scottish Power, it's a Premium rate number so beware if you are going to call them! It's very expensive!!

    United Kingdom